How to get that bespoke look

Initial Consultation:

Garden Couture will arrange to meet the client at their own convenience. At this initial meeting, the client’s ideas, requirements and budget for their garden are discussed. This will also be an opportunity to see the outdoor space to be developed. This consultation is free of charge. Following this initial meeting, a detailed proposal will be sent to the client listing the key points to their brief and how Garden Couture will be approaching the project taking into consideration the client’s lifestyle and how they wish to use their outdoor space. A breakdown of the fees is also presented at this stage.

Measuring up:

Once the client is happy with the proposal, Garden Couture will arrange to come back and carry out a detailed survey of the garden after which a bespoke design and detailed visuals are produced and a presentation for the client is prepared to show exactly what Garden Couture proposes to do. At this stage we meet again and it will be an opportunity to fine tune the design to include any changes the client might wish to do. Any hardscape material will be selected as well in order to be able to get a more accurate cost of construction.


Once the Master Plan has been approved and finalised, Garden Couture will work on a detailed planting plan to suit the style of the garden. A detailed plant schedule will be produced listing type, quantity and size of plants selected. At this stage, construction drawings, if needed will be prepared to aid in the construction of the hard landscaping. A decision as to which contractor is to be used has to be made and Garden Couture can advise suitably.


Garden Couture can oversee the construction phase if the client wishes so. Once the construction phase is finished, the plants will be delivered on site and we will set them out before planting takes place.

The well-groomed garden: 

If the client wishes, Garden Couture Ltd. can produce a maintenance schedule that allows the client to look after the plants throughout the year in order to keep the garden looking at its best in all seasons.

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