How I caught the gardening bug

My love of gardens and plants has been greatly inspired since childhood by my grandparents’ garden in the Chouf Mountains of Lebanon where our family retreated every summer to get away from the heat of Beirut. The garden that surrounded the house had an orchard, a vineyard, a potager and a flower garden where hydrangeas, dahlias, roses and all kinds of wonderful flowers grew under the careful care of my¬†grandma. This idyllic retreat allowed me to observe and interact with nature and appreciate what it has to offer, to the extent that it influenced my decision of what to study at university. I enrolled at The American University of Beirut and graduated with a BSc in Agriculture and a Diploma of Ing√©nieur Agricole.

When I moved to the UK, family life and a career in Project Management as well as teaching took over and kept me away from my love of gardening. That is, until I decided to remedy the situation and go back to learning. I enrolled at the prestigious KLC School of Design in London to study and obtained a Diploma in Garden Design with Distinction.

Upon graduating from KLC I set up Garden Couture Ltd, a garden design studio that aims to transform your outdoor into a functional and beautiful space. I am greatly passionate about my work and draw inspiration from every day life aswell as close observations of nature. I like simplicity and boldness in design as well as the element of surprise. I truly believe that more than often, a simple design idea carefully executed will transform and enhance your space.

Please allow me to weave my designs into your garden.